Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot Monday

One of the few things I didn't really have time to write about over the weekend was that we went to a garden party in New Bradwell on Saturday. It was actually delightful. The house was an old (circa 1870), detached house with a large garden all around. The garden was nice and shady, the food exceedingly good and there was a live jazz band. The couple, whose house it was, were from Meeting and had invited us the previous week at meeting. It turns out, that this is an annual event for them. We also found out that the husband (who we only know through meeting) is actually the Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Council - hence the nice house and garden! He also played in the jazz band.

We were joined by some other people we knew from meeting along with their babies. Since there was a toddler-sized table and toddler-sized chairs available, we arranged the three of them around the table, under a marquee, in order to have their tea (at about 5:30). I wish I'd managed to take a photo of that; they all looked very sweet together.

Sunday, as I mentioned, was the committee meeting to discuss the proposed naming ceremony (first thing that was decided was that we mustn't use the word 'ceremony' at it is anti-Quaker) for Barnaby and Amelia. A couple from meeting had offered to look after Barnaby and Amelia whilst we met with the committee. We'd packed some toys for Barnaby and an enourmous picnic for him on the principle that one or the other would suitably divert him. So, Amelia fell asleep in the arms of one of them while Barnaby played and grazed on the picnic. After our meeting with the committee had finished (which went very sucessfully, I must say) Sheep and I settled down to eat the remains of the picnic and had decided that we might as well simply stay in the garden outside the meeting house, rather than decamp to elsewhere. It was after this that we went for our walk in Linford Wood. At one stage, we stopped in the middle of the wood and put down our picnic rug. Amelia was asleep in the pram and Sheep, Barnaby and I lay on the rug looking up at the sky through the leaves of the tree. Barnaby started to describe, with hand gestures, how he intended to eat the leaves, eat the sky, eat the trees, eat the clouds, eat the grass etc. etc. (It would have been a wonderfully idyllic moment except that it was immediately followed by Barnaby pooing in his pants.)

Today has been hot and so we've not been doing much. I've been starting to try to get Amelia to drink cooled, boiled water as I am worried about her dehydrating in this heat. Also, over the weekend, she had such problems with her poos - she was straining, going purple in her face and then producing very little. Again, I wondered whether this might be down to dehydration (her hard stools, I mean). On the one hand, it was tempting to laugh: she seemed so comical, but on the other hand, we felt so awful about it all as she was cleary discomforted and somewhat distressed and obviously didn't understand what had suddenly changed. Hence my determination to get her to drink more water at the moment.

Finally, talking of hands - both Sheep and I both happened to mention today that we have a suspicion that Amelia might be left-handed (certainly, while I am feeding her, she will grab the spoon or hold another spoon with her left hand). We discussed how interesting it would be if Amelia were the one who ended up being dyslexic (it's Barnaby we've always worried about as boys are much more likely to inherit dyslexia from their parents than girls: 75% v 25% I recall) as dyslexia and left-handedness seem to go together: Sheep is left-handed.

Sheep reminds me that I must include a post about "Barnaby's House" this is his fictional house that he has started telling us stories about over the last four weeks or so. It is remarkably consistent. It is some distance away from here (possibly in a wood), it is blue in colour with five chimneys (or chimlies, as Barnaby calls them). Inside live his pet dog and cat called "Billy" and "Swimming Pond" respectively. It is apparently full of spiderman clothes (well socks at least). All of this is remarkably consistent. I believe there is a blue open-topped (convertable) car at his house which is possibly also called Billy. The car has blue wheels and a blue stearing wheel. There may also be a 'fat car' (SUV/4x4/Chelsea Tractor) at the house and possibly a true tractor which might also be blue. Some items come and go, for example, a giraffe, also called Billy lived there at one point. The fridges are, by repute, extensively stocked with choclate. More about his house as we hear it.

Possibly this is also a good point to repeat Barnaby's story about going with Sheep to the train station where he and Sheep got on a train which then went straight up and went to the moon. Possibly called 'moon train' - steam naturally as an electric train won't reach the moon.


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