Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday

So, Amelia is 6 months old today - both by the calendar and 26 weeks. So, Happy Birthday Amelia. 6 months means that we can start introducing more things into her diet - wheat, for example. She can now have porridge instead of just baby rice.

Today has been a hot day again. Too hot for Amelia, certainly. This afternoon, once she got off to sleep, at about 12:30, she slept until after 3:00. Then, this evening, she really struggled to sleep (usually she's off like clockwork at 7:00; you can almost set your watch by her). Tonight it was 9:00 until she slept: when it had become a little cooler. I kept bathing her with a cool flannel, but it was no good.

Claire and Julian have promised to lend us a fan for Amelia, because of the current heat wave, but perhaps we'll just go and buy one tomorrow.

Also, last night, she kept straining to poo: it was heart-rending. She keeps pushing out these tiny 'pellets' of poo. Poor girl. Today, I've been giving her lots of cooled, boiled water (to try to help ease her bowel movements) and today was the first day that she truly got the hang of her 'sippy cup' (a Tommee Tippee First Cup). I suppose she has also been thirsty enough today, so she's had a real incentive to get to grips with it! In fact, I must say she's getting really good at both drinking and eating.

I had thought about baking some fairy cakes (for us and for Barnaby) to celebrate Amelia being 6 months old, but it's just been too hot to bake!

So - half a year. Does this mean I've reached the half-way point of this blog too? I suspect so, after all, I can't keep this up forever! I think that I'll stop when I get to her first birthday.


At 8:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Amelia! Happy 6 Months!

One of your grand-dads


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