Monday, July 31, 2006

From One Tooth to Two Teeth

Amelia's second tooth has arrived. She now has a multiplicity of teeth! It is the lower left of her two middle canines (i.e. on her right as you look at her). I happened to go to the chemist today and while I was there bought her a packet of bickipegs (long, narrow, very hard teething biscuits). I believe that I was given these as a baby. It's interesting, I was looking on the web for the bickipegs website - yes, they've been around since 1924 and now have their own website! And I came across a lot of reviews of them by mothers. People seem to fall into two opposing camps, either loving them or loathing them, with no middleground. Amelia got through a couple of them today (you are meant to throw them away after 20 minutes of chewing and start a new one). And I think that she seemed to like them a lot. All these teething rings containing coolable water are simply not hard enough if you want to have a really good gnaw on them. However, having read through some of these mother's complaints (in the anti-bickipegs camp) it appears that they can be a choking hazard, so I must be sure to attach the bickipeg to her clothing with the piece of ribbon provided. However, far better for her to chew on one of these than on some of the hard things she has managed to get her hands on in desperation for something hard to bite.

What else today? I've felt very tired. I think that I've just had too many nights when I've been falling asleep at 12:00/1:00 and waking at 6:00. I muat really try to get some more sleep. Amelia and I had quite a gentle day today. I am beginning to feel like I need to cherish every moment with her as her first introductory session in nursery is only three weeks away now. Three weeks! Eeeek. Where has the time gone?


At 3:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do seem to remember that you and Claire were given bikipegs to chew on. Your Mum could confirm it, and I think that Emily, your Grandmother also gave them to Dru whn she was little. You are right, time flies! I'm glad that you are enjoying the moment now.


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