Saturday, July 01, 2006

First Tooth

It's official. Amelia has her first tooth. Way to go, Milla! Yesterday it was just below the surface, today there is no doubt about it. It's here. Barnaby's first tooth arrived on 11th July when he was exactly 6 months old. Amelia is 5 months and 13 days old, excluding the end date, today. Of course, she was born late and Barnaby early, so that means nothing really. Still. Teeth! We are definately going to start her on solids next week, after I've had her weighed at the doctor's practice on Monday. On Tuesday (the day I'll probably try it) she'll be 24 weeks, so just 2 weeks shy of 26 weeks (6 months) anyway. I think we began Barnaby on solids sometime around the week beginning 8 July, as his first tooth appeared on 11th. So, they are broadly in synch.

We caught the bus up to the centre this morning and took Barnaby and Amelia to story time at the library. Today was also significant as we decided that it was about time that Barnaby had his own library card instead of using ours! While we were at it, we thought that we might as well get one for Amelia too. Barnaby took out 6 books on his card (4 of them Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) and we chose one book for Amelia to take out with her card.

After a good lunch at Wagamamas (and Barnaby ate very well), we sloped next door to Costa Coffee for a coffee as both Barnaby and Amelia were nearly asleep. This morning, Sheep's new phone arrived and he's been playing with it and it's camera. Here are some pictures of Sheep with Barnaby asleep next to him and me with Amelia asleep on me!

Before going home we went to look at some possible new prams for Amelia (and tried her in some). I'd really like one that would fit in our car, reclines for Amelia's comfort yet is robust enough to be pushed the two miles to the centre. I selected models that I liked and was considering and entered their width, depth, length, weight and cost into a spreadsheet. I then performed a weighted ranking on their volume, weight and cost, added these factors together to get a final ranked list. These are the results (low value is good, high less good, scale 0-1):

Pushchair V|C|W
Mothercare Impro Stroller 0.01
Maclaren Volo Stroller 0.09
Combi Dash DX Stroller 0.09
Quinny Zapp 3-wheeler 0.31
Micralite Stroller 0.42
Bebe Confort Loola 0.47
Bugaboo Cameleon 0.81
Stokke Xplory 0.98

The Maclaren Volo is our current lightweight stroller which I put in for comparison; it scores well as it is both light and cheap. However, it's too long for our car and doesn't recline. The Mothercare Impro Stroller is impressively small (56cm x 28cm x 27cm) and is the only one that we are unequivocally sure will fit in our car. The only snags are that it has no raincover, doesn't fit any standard raincovers, doesn't recline and has small wheels (not exactly and all-terrain vehicle!). However, were still suitably impressed that we may get one anyway just to keep in the car (it also fits into overhead lockers on airplanes). The Combi Dash is also tempting. There are two versions of it: the Dash (lighter, cheaper, reclines to just 140 degrees) and the Combi Dash DX which is the full version (i.e. more expensive) with knobs and bells on it. The Dash DX reclines to 180 degrees, i.e. lies flat - great for sleeping babies. Given that we are probably going to get an Impro anyway, even though I suspect it will not be too comfortable for long periods of time, I'd think I'd like to get another one that is high on comfort, but is still a lot smaller than our big American model. At 93cm x 34cm x 22cm there is still a chance that it might fit into our car as well. My temptation is to first buy a Combi Dash (but to DX or not DX that is the question? The DX is more than three times the cost of the non-DX) and if it fits in the car, all well and good and if it doesn't, get a Mothercare Impro as an additional one that will fit in the car. The real question is, should we just stick with the ones that we have and simply put up with the fact that none of our current two fit in our car and that when we get rid of the big American pram (a Graco Travelsystem, b.t.w.) in September/October we'll be left with the Volo which is light, easily foldable but none too comfortable.

Anyway, enough musings about prams. Time for bed. It is so hot today. I gave Amelia a nice cool bath before bedtime and damped down her hair and then lay her to sleep in just a nappy. Poor hot girl. As of a couple of weeks ago, I've taken to giving her a bath every other night and since we got back from holiday, started reading a book to her before bed, to start to get her used to the bath/book/sleep routine. I hope it's cooler tomorrow.


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