Sunday, July 23, 2006

First Proper Restaurant Meal Together

It's been rather a nice day today, bar the horrendous early morning start. (We really must do something about these six o'clock risings on Sundays, it is simply beyond the pale.) However, breakfast sort of segued into rather a nice play in Barnaby's playroom; I'd not put away all the toys I'd brought back from meeting and, as part of the putting away process, I wanted to check that all of the jigsaw pieces were there etc. and ensure that we'd not lost/left any at the meeting house yesterday. The result was that Barnaby and I had a nice hour-ish doing puzzles together and generally putting things away. Eventually, we left for meeting, although we were a little rushed in the end!

I'd been contemplating asking Sheep if I could stay in meeting today, while he took Barnaby and Amelia into the Children's Group. However, in the end, it seemed like too much hassle, too much of a change in routine. I had just thought that perhaps it would help me feel a little calmer. But I didn't ask him. We had a good time in the Children's Group though - Barnaby played with his MegaBlocks that we'd left there yesterday... Then, after meeting we decided to eat out so we went to Wagamamas. For the first time we had Amelia sitting in a high chair (we've not been there for a few weeks, and her sitting skills are still pretty new), and I had brought some babyfood with me, so, for the first time, we sat together in a restaurant, with all of us eating. Pretty neat! Barnaby ate a good meal - vegetarian ramen.

Then, we were at a bit of a loss about what to do. I'd remembered that there had been an exhibition of new cars in the Middleton Hall, so for want of anything else, I asked Barnaby if he wanted to look at some cars. All the latest models of the most popular cars were there and when Barnaby discovered he could actually sit inside them, he had a whale of a time. What is it with boys and cars? I took advantage of his momentary distraction and took Amelia (by this time asleep in her super new ultra-reclining pram, yeah!) into John Lewis in seach of a specific sewing pattern. Barnaby's nursery is having a fun day soon, where they want everyone to dress up for an 'under the sea' theme. Simplicity do this wonderful 'fish' pattern which I am thinking of sewing for Barnaby (given the success of his astronaut costume that I made for him). Here is the pattern:

Of course, I know I'm mad to even contemplate it, afterall, I was complaining just yesterday that I was feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting demands on my time. However, I am so tempted to try and make this for Barnaby. I'm sure he'd love it. What is there not to love about a big fish on your head? Anyway, I bought the pattern... I wonder if my sewing skills are up to it though - but what's being a mother about if not about making giant fish head-gear? (As a get out clause, there is a crocodile (Under the sea? Sort of? On top of anyway. Well, swamp, not sea, but still...) costume selling on ebay at the moment, which I will bid on, as a back up, if the fish thing doesn't work out)

Well, that was it really, we did a bit more shopping in the centre (how American of us, church followed by brunch followed by the mall) and then came home. When we got home and I unloaded the car we were amazed at how many things we'd crammed into our teeny tiny car. So amazed, I took a photo - however, I am struggling with the bluetooth connectivity between my laptop and phone and Sheep's already in bed, so I'll have to upload the photos tomorrow.

Sheep and I were saying that it was rather a nice day.

Finally, last thought of the day. I was looking at Amelia's hand, wrist and arm while I was breastfeeding her this evening. She has this adorable little crease between her hand and her arm, because her arm is so podgy. I was transfixed by it, thinking how lovely it was. When it occurred to me that if it were the limb of an adult, then a crease between the hand and arm would be really gross. How can something be utterly repulsive in an adult yet cute beyond words in an infant? How strange the human mind.


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