Sunday, July 09, 2006

First Night Out

Since Leif was visiting he offered to baby sit tonight, so Sheep and I went out to see a film together. We even managed to leave the house at 7:45, with both children safely abed! Our choices were limited, as we were trying to find a film that started around 8:00 and didn't run too late (so many films seem to be almost 3 hours long these days!), however we eventually saw the latest X-men film. It was just nice to be out with Sheep on our own. Contrary to my jittery nerves, neither Barnaby or Amelia stirred until we were home (instead, they both erupted about 20 minutes after we came through the door). It was lovely though and very nice of Leif to offer.

I think a fun day was had by all, but especially Barnaby who was thrilled to see Leif again. I took Amelia to meeting on her own to day; Barnaby stayed to play with Leif and Sheep (although this was more by accident than design as our car wasn't charged sufficiently, so I hitched a lift from our friends in Shenley Lodge). Still no new food for Amelia today. More baby rice, I'm afraid. Not even banana.

I don't think Amelia will do well on the food front tomorrow, either, as she and I are going to a funeral, so for convenience sake, I suspect I'll just breastfeed her. Sheep and Barnaby are off to the zoo (Whipsnade), taking part in an organised nursery excursion.


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