Sunday, July 02, 2006

First Case of Sibling-inflicted Injury

Today has been hot again. On the radio this morning they declared an official heat-wave and instructed the vulnerable: the elderly, the young or otherwise infirm, to keep out of the worst of the heat today. Consequently we took Barnaby to the playground at 8:30 this morning so that he could run around and expend some energy before it became too hot. I must say the temperature was lovely at such an early time. This heat is due to continue for another three or so days. After the playground, we went off to meeting. This morning was especially sad as a member of the meeting, whom we knew, died last night. Luckily I was in the children's group as usual with Barnaby and Amelia, otherwise I would have found the ministries quite distressing, I think; I still don't cope well with death.

After meeting Sheep and I were too worn out with the heat to come home and cook lunch, so we decided to go to Bella Italia, our usual Italian restaurant haunt. (Lunch out two days on the trot: how extravagent) We invited the couple we know, who have recently started attending meeting: the wife who runs my NCT coffee group, my book club and whose son, Michael, is at nursery with Barnaby (so many overlapping spheres!) to join us, which they did. This made an extremely pleasant change to our usual routine.

Ah, yes - the first case of sibling-inflicted injury. At the end of the meal, Barnaby suddenly grabs Amelia's upper arm in a fierce pinch, leaving it both red and with the deep imprint of one of his nails. This was so strong a pinch that the mark is still there this evening. What was so strange about this, was that Amelia made no noise about it; I was expecting her to bawl (and given the resultant mark, I think it was well within her rights to howl with indignation), but she was quite stoic about it. The other strange aspect to this event was that it seemed to have been prompted by nothing at all. When asked why he did it, Barnaby replied that it was because she hadn't opened her mouth (I think he wanted to look at her new tooth). There were precursors to this action in meeting; during the first fifteen minutes Barnaby was not terribly nice or gentle with Amelia: to such an extent that Sheep took him out a few mintures early to admonish him. After the lunchtime mauling, I was outraged on Amelia's behalf and Barnaby was suitably reprimanded and made to appologise. It is very strange though, because other than that, Barnaby has been quite delightful and loving over the weekened. Everyone has an off day, I suppose.


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