Saturday, July 15, 2006

Eventful Day

We decided to walk up to the Centre this morning, primarily with the intention of returning Barnaby's "Bob the Builder" video to the library and buying some food for our 'picnic' at the meeting house tomorrow (more on that later). It was also an opportunity to try out Amelia's new pram. Our conclusion - a great success. The wheels are definitely larger than Barnaby's Maclaren (he insisted on being pushed in his pushchair after being most put out that he didn't have a new pushchair himself. We tried pointing out to him that his pushchair was new for him when he was exactly Amelia's age, but to no avail!). It seems narrower than Barnaby's as well, which is great for getting around shops. The reclining mechanism works well; Amelia slept on the way back. All in all, very good. We're really pleased with it.

Ooops - Amelia is crying. I must go upstairs and tend to her. I will complete this tomorrow!


At 9:24 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

Gotta foto of the Combi Dash DX? No idea what it looks like.

Gopod luck with everything that´s going on!


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