Friday, July 28, 2006

A Day of Deliveries

This morning Amelia's new Stokke Tripp Trapp chair arrived as predicted. Along with a red, oriental, wrap-style top (bought on ebay), an orange flower-embroidered cardigan (also bought on ebay) and a new brush for her.

After a bit of early UCL work, I set to assembling the chair, just in time for her lunch (potatoe and carrots). It's so great to see her finally sitting at the table. How grown up. How lovely, my wonderful girl.

In the afternoon I had another PhD student arrive for a tutorial, so we all sat around the kitchen table, Amelia included. As she was sitting at the head of the table, it seemed as if she was chairing the meeting. At one point, she put out her hand and placed it on my student's arm, as if to say, 'calm down' (he was getting quite animated at that point).

Barnaby was shocked to see her chair (just like his) when he got home. I think it will take him a few days to adjust to our new seating arrangements. However, it was extremely moving, for me, to have us all sitting around the table for dinner (despite the fact that it's hard to keep Barnaby on his seat for more than a few minutes at a stretch).

And Amelia's new hairbrush! I've not bought her a hairbrush yet, as, frankly, she doesn't/didn't have much hair. But recently I've increasingly thought that I wanted to do something about her cradle cap (fairly mild, I should add) and part of my plan was to get a good brush so that I could gently brush out the flakes rather than pick them out as I am wont to do in idle moments... So, what brush to choose? The problem is that I wanted a natural, wooden and bristle hairbrush and almost all babies hairbrushes are plastic, which is not only horrible and ugly but I had this hunch that the static build up (from the plastic) would make the cradle cap flakes more difficult to brush out (or maybe I just think about things too deeply). So, where could I get a natural wood/bristle babies hairbrush? Well, I decided to try the Queen's brushmaker - Kent (est. 1777!) and bought what is probably the most expensive baby's hairbrush on the market! And it arrived this morning (it is nice). What's good enough for the Queen is good enough for my Milla. (And, hey, I habitually save so much money on ebay, why not be extravagent once in a while?)

That's phase one of my cradle cap treatment. Phase two was to try some cradle cap oil by Green Baby "An easily absorbed blend of organic safflower, organic sesame and organic jojoba oils nourishes the driest of skins. Rub into the scalp, then comb through hair to loosen and remove dried skin." So, I tried this during her bath this evening. I gave her scalp a good long massage, but couldn't seem to loosen any of the flakes afterwards. I gave her hair a brush with her new posh brush... but no flakes. Perhaps I need a comb afterall! (oh well, she needed to own a brush at some point anyway). But, so far, all the oil seems to have done is make her head and scalp somewhat 'oily': what a surprise. I'll keep at it a bit longer and see what happens. And report back. I might then try some medicated cradle cap shampoo, but I wanted to try the natural remedies first.


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