Thursday, July 06, 2006

Concussion Watch

This evening was meant to be the parents evening at Barnaby's nursery. Instead we were observing him for signs of concussion. He was walking backwards in the playground (backwards???) and walked into another child on a trycycle. When I went into collect him, it had only happened 10 minutes earlier and everyone was nervously sitting round watching him for signs of concussion. We cancelled the parent evening and took him home to do the same thing. The lump is on the side of his temple and it looks quite horrendous. Not only lumpy but lots of mottled burst red blood cells. Anyway, no signs of concussion and Sheep, who's just gone upstairs said he is still breathing! However, nursery were so concerned that the manager rang this evening to see how he was.

Amelia has had a less traumatic day. No new food today, more baby rice and banana. I've joined an organic vegetable box scheme (first delivery on Tuesday) so that I can start giving her some yummy pureed organic vegetables. I remember Barnaby lived on banana and avocado, both great first foods and so easily mashable; you can just crack open a banana or avocado, scoop some out, mash it with your fork and your're away! What did people do before bananas and avocados, I found myself wondering.


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