Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Bump for Barnaby

Barnaby now sports an almost-matching bump on his left temple (walking/crawling into a table), yesterday's was on his right temple. They asked me at nursery if he is usually clumsy. Good question, compared to what? How many three and a half year olds am I well acquainted with? Certainly he walks into more things than Sheep and I do. And more than Amelia, come to think of it.

Amelia and I had a quiet day, with a visitor this afternoon: Julienne, neighbour and colleague (professor) from UCL. That was very pleasant and made a nice end to the afternoon.

This evening I tried Amelia with organic pureed carrot (I'd texted Sheep in London with instructions to bring home an organic carrot - he brought home two). I don't know if it was that she didn't take to the carrot or she was tired, but she didn't really have any. I rapidly gave up and took her upstairs for a feed (once I'd got her ready for bed).

Amelia is upstairs beginning to moan in a grizzly sort of way. I think my presence is required.


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