Wednesday, July 12, 2006

90 Minutes of Cot Assembly...

...and still not finished! We're still trying to get Amelia moved into Barnaby's old cotbed, transformed back into a cot again. However, the transformation isn't going so well. Sheep and I spent 90 minutes disassembling and assembling tonight (that's three man hours between us) and we're still only half way there! Eventually, we gave up; we'll continue tomorrow. Still, I remember that when Sheep and my father first assembled it for Barnaby (when he was 12 months old) they took at least a couple of hours doing it. Of course, what is a bit dispiriting is the fact that when we move the cot out of our room and into Amelia's room in two or three month's time, we'll have to disassemble and construct it once more and then, when we transform it to a cotbed for her...

On the subject of reusing Barnaby's things for Amelia, I am wondering whether I should buy another Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. Barnaby seems to have taken a sudden aversion to his one; luckily I've not yet ordered Amelia's Tripp Trapp chair. I'll wait another week and if Barnaby still insists on using a 'grown up' chair in preference to his one, I will ask him about whether we can give it to Amelia instead. (I would like to buy a cushion for her though, as she is still quite little).

I didn't blog yesterday as I was so tired after a five hour tutorial! (1:45-6:45!). I know that I am meant to be working 2.5 days a week at the moment (just since Monday), but I'm already finding it hard. I felt so sorry for Amelia yesterday: she was being seriously sidelined when my student was here. At one point, I was operating my laptop with my left hand (looking through the student's data on Excel) and trying to feed Amelia banana with my right hand and praying that I didn't confuse the two; getting banana over the keyboard! I am already wondering if it wouldn't be fairer for Amelia to be at nursery, rather than her being at home and ignored by me while I work.

Ooops! I just remembered that I promised the Acorn nursery manager a letter tomorrow stating what nursery days we want for Amelia and how many. I must do that now.


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