Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Update on last few days

I've not blogged for a while, partly because we were on holiday. So, this is the catch up blog; it may be a bit long.

First things first, our first holiday together as a family of four. In summary: it was lovely, it could easily have been a whole week as far as I was concerned. We picked up the car on the Monday morning and the journey down to the Isle of Wight was very easy, we only made one wee-stop for Barnaby (in a lay-by, on a potty). We arrived in good time for the ferry and driving on was all very easy and straightforward. I think that the ferry was perhaps the highlight of the whole holiday for Barnaby. Here's a couple of photos of him looking very nautical. The ferry in the background is the same kind as the one were on (I think).

Barnaby on Board the Ferry

Amelia and I on the Ferry, Looking Serene

On the first day, we spent the morning on the beach, at Steephill Cove. Barnaby took some time to get into the idea and wouldn't take off his sandals for about an hour, but eventually really got into making sandcastles and paddling in the rockpools (the sea was a bit too scary, I think).

First Sandcastle of the Day

Encouraging Barnaby through Example!

I'm afraid that's all the photos we have, our others were stolen (more on that later). In the afternoon, Emm and I went for a walk along the coastal path to visit a glass-blowing studio. We took Amelia with us in her sling, while Barnaby went to a nearby beach, Sundown, with Sheep (and Nick, Joe (10) and Esme (7)). A lovely, lovely day.
Our second day was spent going to Blackgang Chine (, a theme park that was opened in 1843! It was definately an 'alternative' day out and actually very enjoyable in a uniquely English sort of way (halls of mirrors, giant toadstools, large plastic dinosaurs and gradually falling into the sea. Considering we had a baby, a three, seven and ten year old, there was enough to keep everyone occupied (although, admittedly, all Amelia required was an ever-ready nipple!). Barnaby particularly enjoyed clambering about on a pirate ship. The evening on Wednesday was particularly enjoyable. Emm and Nick listened out for Amelia on the baby monitor (and even soothed her back to sleep when she woke slightly) while Sheep and I had a canoodle on the hammock (wrapped up in many rugs!), on the balcony, overlooking the sea.
On Thursday we headed home and the return journey was not as good as the journey down. I'd called up and altered our departure sailing time, to give us a bit more time in the morning, which we used to have a look around Ventnor, a lovely Victorian seaside town. I was worried about Barnaby getting cold on the ferry as I'd forgotten to pack a pullover for him. In Ventnor we found an old-fashioned haberdashers which sold hand-knitted knitwear. Barnaby chose a bright rainbow striped jumper for himself, but then we found a whole bucket of small teddy/dolls clothes, all knitted by hand - and before long Barnaby's bear was also kitted out in a matching rainbow jumper (I must get a photo of this). Bizarrely, this has also become one of the highlights of Barnaby's holiday (according to Barnaby). I won't dwell on the return journey - we made many stops on the way home, we simply didn't coordinate our wee/food/nappy-change stops efficiently and a two hour journey took us four hours. C'est la vie.

Then the weekend! On Friday night we were burgled. While in the house! The burglars climbed in through a small (and I mean small, about 5 inches high) window in our utility room and from there into the kitchen; they let themselves out through the back door. The only got as far as the kitchen but took my handbag, Sheep's wallet, both our mobile phones, our digital camera (hence no more photos of the holiday, the one's posted were from Sheep's phone, prior to being stolen!) and a set of house keys. Why didn't they leave the kitchen? My personal theory is that they were disturbed; Barnaby woke about 2:30 and came into our room. This is about the time they broke in (we know from Sheep's mobile phone call transcript). So I am inclined to think that we have Barnaby to thank for not losing more. However, it is quite disconcerting to think that there were people in our house while the four of us were upstairs sleeping. The police woman called them, "creeper burglars".

Most of Saturday was a write-off. A fair amout of time was spent with the police forensics (yes, they got fingerprints from the window) and giving police statements. The rest of my time was spent cancelling cards, bank accounts, phones etc. The weird thing is that they started using Sheep's mobile phone straight away (mine had run out of charge), and made continuous calls between 2:30 and midday the following day, when the account was stopped. I mean, don't these people sleep? Don't they realise that their calls can be traced?

Actually, the truth about the burlary is that we didn't realise for ages we'd been burgled. We're so used to the house being in a state of disarray, that when I couldn't find my handbag and Sheep his wallet we just thought that we'd misplaced it or, what's more probably, that Barnaby had been moving things. It wasn't until I was calling Sheep's mobile phone (in order to locate it) and it was answered by some unknown person (!!!) that we realised something wasn't quite right.

So why have I not blogged since then?

A combination of things. Sheep and I have both been feeling rather rundown and lethargic. Perhaps hayfever? Perhaps a bit of a psychological reaction to the burglary (we were both very calm about it over the weekend, but perhaps less so since).

Today Amelia and I went to the last baby massage class of our course. Amelia, once again was in ultra-sociable mode and would hardly sit still while I tried to massage this wriggling baby. Still, I think she enjoyed it. I skipped the NCT coffee group this afternoon for the first time in ages - I was feeling too exhausted (and they were walking around Furzton Lake). Perhaps next time.


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