Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Repeat Visit to Doctors

I took Amelia back to the surgery today. She is still wheezy and the practice nurse asked the doctor's advice. Since Amelia doesn't appear to be in distress, her feeding isn't affected and the coughing isn't waking her too much at night, they were loath to give her any antibiotics (which I agree with) but they want to keep her under observation. I am to take her back at 4:50 on Thursday to see the doctor.

I took Amelia to the Quaker craft group today, where she was able to be very sociable and was given a few cuddles by everyone. I realise that I've never written about what craftwork I take to the craft group. I am knitting a jumper, in yellow wool, that I started knitting for Barnaby when he was 18 months old (i.e. I started it two years ago). I have finished the back and the sleeves and, since attending the craft group, have been working on the front. I am hoping that I might eventually complete it in time for when Amelia is two (it is size two years). I know I am being very slow - I manage to knit about 6 rows every fortnight - however, I should get there eventually.

I think we've decided that we're going to the Isle of Wight. By car. I'll book the car and ferry tomorrow.


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