Sunday, June 04, 2006

Picnics & Kite Flying

Today was a lovely Sunday, if a bit tiring for us all! Barnaby and Amelia were up bright and early, in fact, all four of us were up, dressed etc. and eating breakfast by 7:30 this morning! So much for lazy-day Sundays, eh? However, as it looked set to be another lovely sunny day today, I packed up a picnic to take with us to Quaker meeting, in order to be able to go for a picnic afterwards. I'm not sure that Barnaby was quite sure what a picnic was, but he was suitably excited nevertheless.

It was so sunny during meeting that the children's group decamped to the lawn outside the meeting house, where I sat with Amelia and Pippa (the other meeting baby) and Barnaby played ball with one of the two Friends running the group today. After meeting we met my sister and brother-in-law (Aunty Claire and Uncle Julian) in Campbell Park for our picnic.

Extract of Campbell Park Map Showing Picnic & Kite Flying Locations

We sat (see arrow on the plan) overlooking a gentle slope upon which sheep were grazing. The scene was actually quite picturesque and if it wasn't for the glimpse of the occassional rooftop on the horizon you could almost imagine yourself in the countryside. I think we all enjoyed the picnic. Well, Amelia couldn't eat anything, of course, and she had the good sense to sleep while we ate, waking up for her feed at a most convenient point: after we'd all finished eating ourselves! Smart girl.

I had bought a 'pocket kite' last week, and while I was nursing Amelia, Sheep, Barnaby and Julian headed off to "The Beacon" (see arrow on map) to try some kite flying. For a small, cheap, pocket kite, I must say that they managed to get it airborne successfully, even if Barnaby was a little reticent about handling the kite-string himself. (We also decided it would make an excellent tobogganing site for next winter!). After the kite flying, Barnaby went off to see the sheep, clambering over a five-bar gate in his quest for exploration. The sheep were pretty sensible and kept their distance.

The only other amusement this afternoon was afforded by Sheep and Claire who kept throwing a stick for Barnaby with the instructions to "Fetch!". It was dreadful to laugh, but he did fetch the stick each time.

We then retired to Claire & Julian's for a cup of tea at 3:30 and we left for home at 4:30. I think that we managed to wear them both out, as Amelia was asleep by 6:45 and Barnaby by 7:15! I never thought I'd see the day.


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