Saturday, June 03, 2006

I Say Potato and You Say Tomato

Today we decided we'd plant out the tomato seedlings that Barnaby (well, nominally Barnaby, I've mostly been doing the daily watering!) has been growing on the windowsill of his playroom. We've also got some seed potatoes that have been chitting that needed planting. So we wanted to plant out those today too. We're officially a bit late with them both, season-wise, but, to be honest, the main idea is that we want Barnaby to learn more about where vegetables come from.

Now, as it happens, we needed some more compost (potatoes) and one more growbag (tomatoes) so we headed off to the garden centre pulling Barnaby along in his Radioflyer Little Red Wagon. We had a lovely walk in the hot hot sunshine (not a cloud to be seen). Sheep and I took it in turns to either pull Barnaby in the Little Red Wagon or to push Amelia in her pram. On our way home we piled the Wagon high with compost/growbags and perched Barnaby on top! (He was quite safe as we were not going at any speed).

En route we stopped at the playground for Barnaby to have a play (and for us to rest; the L.R.W. was heavy). Suddenly Barnaby annouces he needs a wee - but before we can get out the potty liquid is gushing everywhere, seemingly in every direction; I've never seen such a torrent. I did actually get out the travel potty (Yes, I did remember it!) and when Barnaby sat on it he proceeded to do another wee and then a big fat poo. My quandry now is that I have discovered that although I did bring the travel potty with me, I have no change of underwear/clothes for him and his current ones are as sodden as if he had been fully immersed in water. Although we are close to home, it is still some distance from the playground and I'm not overly keen on him walking home completely naked from the waist down! And so? After some consideration of the problem I manage to fashion a pair of 'modesty' pants for him out of a cloth shopping bag I happen to have had with me. I am quite proud of this (photo to be posted in due course - we couldn't resist taking a picture, it was so comical) and am tempted to draw a diagram showing, for future reference, how to make a pair of pants from a shopping bag and post it in the blog! I have decided though, that I should start carrying a couple of safety pins with me. You never know when they might come in useful. I must add, Sheep and I chuckled all the way home.

After lunch we were in the garden planting the tomato seedlings into the growbags. We have a growbag each (each with three seedlings), including Amelia, even though she has no idea what a tomato is. However, given how quickly they are growing and how quickly she is growing it's not beyond the realm of possibility that she might yet get to sample one of her own tomatoes. Given her abilities, or lack thereof, I undertake to water her tomato plants on her behalf.

The seed potatoes were planted into mini-tubs (or special black potato bags), which Barnaby helped fill with a trowel from the large bags of compost we'd collected earlier in the day. I sat cross-legged, nursing Amelia, drinking tea, chatting to Sheep and Barnaby as they made a lovely composty mess together, bagging up these seed potatoes and what with the sunshine and the row of clean nappies hanging on the washing line it all felt rather special and domestic and a bit hippy-ish/eco-family-ish and the sort of day that I am sure we'll remember for a long time. It certainly felt like a precious memory in the making.

I'm still "tired with a K" (to quote Uncle Julian) tonight though.


At 12:02 pm, Anonymous Leif said...

I once bought a metre of pink check fabric at a market stall for a little girl in the same situation, so she could wear it as a sarong.

Awaiting the photo... :)


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