Thursday, June 29, 2006

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Today I was woken at 6:00 by Barnaby jumping into bed with us demanding that I read some Thomas the Tank Engine books to him. I did, sort of oblige, but kept nodding off... "Mummy, you've stopped!". Eventually, Barnaby ended up being taken to nursery very early this morning! I took him to give Sheep a break; Sheep's been feeling run down and even went to bed at 8:30 last night, as he could hardly stay awake!

After dropping Barnaby off at nursery I went to the mother and baby group at the Baptist Church. There I met someone who gave birth to a baby girl (Martha) exactly two months before Amelia was born and who also had Valerie as her midwife. I must email Valerie to tell her too.

Amelia was sitting up in the mother and baby group. I forgot to say yesterday that she impressed everyone in the massage course by sitting up for almost two minutes unassisted (she will sit and then eventually gravity will get the better of her and she keels over). Unfortunately, this morning I took my eye/hand off her for a moment, she toppled over and her head hit a chair leg. Oooops. I suppose this is the start of learning that parents aren't perfect.

When I arrived home, my new mobile phone had arrived (to replace my stolen one) and it had a 1.3Mpixel camera on it that I can wireless bluetooth photos to my laptop. So, I am hoping to be able to fill the blog with more photos of Ameila (and, of course, Barnaby too) now. Here was the first ever picture I took with my new phone (she just happened to be breastfeeding as I was tinkering with it).

And some others...

This afternoon my sister came around. Amongst other things, we went to pick up a new matress for Barnaby's cotbed. This is our new plan. We move the big, full-size bed (currently serving as a guest bed in Amelia's yet-to-be-inhabited room) into Barnaby's room, i.e. he finally upgrades to a BIG BED. He is quite keen on this, as he had a big bed on holiday. We move Barnaby's cotbed, re-transformed back into the cot version into our room and place it next to our bed in a side-car arrangement (it has a full dropside, so we can do this easily). We then start shifting Amelia into the cot but stealthily. This is our sneaky plan. Of course, once we've got her used to the cot, we'll have to move her into her own room fairly soon as we don't have much space in our room to accommodate such a large cot. So, the new mattress will be for Amelia. This change will take place tomorrow or most probably Monday (when I can rely on some help from Sheep to move everything around). Since, next week we are probably going to start Amelia on solids (once I've had her weighed by the health visitor on Monday), it feels like everything is changing at the moment. I still need to buy another Stokke highchair for Amelia, but I keep stalling as I can't decide on the colour (how pathetic is that?).

Finally, on the subject of baby gear - first, I think I might have found a pushchair that will fit into our tiny, tiny car (I will measure tomorrow) and second, I found an absolute drool-over website of baby stuff. If we only had the time, money and space I'd buy 90% of everything on this website! Truly.

Final, final postscript. I also received a letter from the police to say that my stolen handbag has been handed in. I'll pick it up tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what is actually still in there. (Pity I've already bought a new handbag/wallet/purse).


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