Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day & Peace Pagoda

No time to blog properly. I'm packing. However:
Fathers Day today. Barnaby gave Sheep a card he'd made at nursery with a picture of him wearing roller skates (and knee pads and elbow pads). Very good picture - his best yet, I think! Also a card from Amelia: not drawn by her. Their gift? An introductory session at Airkix - a skydiving wind tunnel - where you can practice all the moves prior to a real sky dive. Sheep's got a 60 minute session. I thought he needed a bit of fun...

After meeting it was the annual anniversary of Milton Keynes Peace Pagoda. We went along and their was lots of music, dancing etc. Very pleasant. Now just packing. More packing. How much stuff can we take? I kid you not but Sheep and I are only taking changes of underwear and a couple of t-shirts each, everything else is for Barnaby and Amelia and we'll be lucky to close the boot!


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