Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Baby Massage Course

Today Amelia and I attended part one of a four-part baby massage course, run by the local doctors practice. It took place at the practice, run by one of the Health Visitors (who has a degree or diploma in baby massage!). It's meant to be a cross between traditional Indian and Swedish massage. There were about twelve people there including one mother of twins! Today we focussed on the legs and a bit on the abdomen. Amelia seemed to enjoy herself, but I suspect that her enjoyment had very little to do with the massage itself. She kept completely ignoring me, and what I was doing to her, in her attempts to look around and see what everyone else was up to. I must say though, that given that I was mostly being ignored, she still seemed to have a far better time than most of the babies; of the twelve or so mothers who were there, there were at least four or five babies crying at any moment. Amelia was the only one not to cry at all for the whole morning. I certainly think she's quite sociable little thing! We were also given tea and biscuits (30p) and I am beginning to think that a major aim of the course is to be sociable: to get to meet other mothers.


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