Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today Ends in Earache & Vomit: But a Better Day than Yesterday

Last night was a bit tiring, but for different reasons. Barnaby woke up last night, at about 2:00 (Sheep thinks that he had a bad dream) and he took quite some time and effort (on Sheep's behalf) to resettle. In the meantime, I gave Amelia her early morning feed, only to have her bring it up again. However, after Sheep had taken Barnaby to nursery this morning, he came back to bed. Amelia and I had stayed in bed in order to recuperate from the night, so we all had a bit of a lie-in (albeit Sheep's was after his return home) and all felt much better for it.

After an early lunch. Well, to be honest, it was really brunch, I took Amelia in the pram up to the centre. Amongst other things, I wanted to go to the library. First, I went to Monsoon to exchange an item of clothing. Amelia had been given a dress as a gift, which was already on the small side when I received it. I'd been uming and aring about what to do (strains of yesterday: I felt guilty about returning it). In the end I exchanged it for a cardigan and pair of trousers in 9-12 months size (Amelia's next size up). However, while I was there, I noticed a number of familar outfits; one of the mothers from my Wednesday NCT Coffee Group has given me/Amelia some Monsoon items that her baby daughter (8 months old) has just grown out of. I realized today that I've been given approximately £100 of clothes in a barely-worn condition. Gulp!

On the topic of baby clothes, I must say that the baby change facility at the centre is the best I've ever used. The connection? While I was there today, I noticed a sign saying that they now have a range of baby clothes that can be loaned in cases of emergency! I was suitably impressed. They have four changing stations, which are cleaned between use (there is a permanent attendant), plus a baby-food station (microwave for heating food, an Avent bottle warmer for bottles of formula milk etc.), plus a whole wall of vending-machines vending all manner of nappy-supplies, toys for bored, older children, a private nursing/feeding room (which I used for the first time today), which includes a television showing children's programmes for older children to watch while their mother feeds/nurses. I'm not surprised it won a lot of awards.

Going past the ELC my eye was struck by a new window display: a pram that metamorphoses (in stages) into a tricycle. It is therefore functional from 6 months to 5 years. My curiosity got the better of me and I went in to have a look. The assistant got it out and suggested that we try Amelia in it. Which I promptly did. I must say, I liked the look of it, but its longevity was more than offset by the fact that it doesn't fold! I must add, I have no intention of buying another stroller - it would be a wanton extravagance. However, the longshot of this exercise is that I realised that Amelia is now big enough to fit our lightweight Maclaren stroller (which means we can take her plus a stroller on the bus) and that she should be big enough for our bicycle trailer - which also converts into a two-seater pram (which means, amongst other things, that we can cycle to the centre, and when we get there, lock up our bikes and push Barnaby and Amelia around in double-buggy mode: if Barnaby gets tired that is). I definitely want to sell our far-too-big American travel system asap. As soon as Amelia no longer fits the car seat, it's going! It's days are already numbered.

Moving swiftly on to this evening. We've had an evening of Barnaby waking up every couple of hours in tears: his earache has returned. And Amelia being very sick after her 10:00 feed. She has a bit of a head-cold and cough again. (Probably something Barnaby brought back from nursery!). I think the vomitting was mostly a 'mechanical' response to her having a coughing fit just after feeding. Why do I mention this. Well, given that our evening has focussed around earache and vomit, I must say I feel far better about things in general than I did yesterday. Clearly the amount of sleep I am getting is directly related to my frame of mind.


At 11:50 am, Anonymous Ozlem said...

Impressed by the baby changing room in the center, this is the center in Milton Keynes, right?

At 11:02 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

Yes it is: it won some awards, I believe. I am actually most impressed by the ever-present attendant, which isn't usual in the UK (the USA perhaps but not the UK)!


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