Thursday, May 25, 2006

Snot & Mirrors

Last night was a mini-failure on the no-co-sleeping front. My overall strategy was that I decided that I should not worry too much about putting Amelia in the cot sleepy as long as she was in the cot. I.e. to tackle one thing at a time. I also felt that couldn't face another night/evening like the previous one. She had a couple of wakings and feeds, after each time, I waited until she was fast asleep (not the recommended way of doing it, I know) and then put her back into the cot. However, after the last feed of the night (3:00? 5:00? I don't know, I lost track), she fell asleep next to me and so did I. Oooops. We both slept and, I think because she'd had such a disturbed night, we both slept until nearly 9:00 am. Sheep and Barnaby were really good to us. Sheep took Barnaby to nursery and Barnaby was extremely well behaved and didn't seem to mind the fact that Amelia and I were sleeping late.

This morning, while lying in bed (after Amelia had woken up) she suddenly sneezed (she's had a bit of a head cold over these last couple of days). Well, I would not have believed that so much snot could come out of such a tiny nose, had I not seen it with my own eyes. Although it did cause me to wonder if the act of sneezing had, somehow, 'frothed' it up, like these cans of spray cream, where the external volume of frothy cream far exceeds the can's internal volume. Well, her sneeze was just like that. I was torn between running for a camera and rushing to clear it up. I did the latter, but oooh, was the former tempting?

I had my first tutorial at home this afternoon. Well from 12:00-2:30 to be precise (long tutorial). It did mean that Amelia's usual lunchtime nap fell by the wayside and I felt really guilty about this. I must make sure that I plan future tutorials around her naps. My sister was here too, and when the student left, we took Amelia out in the pram, as it was the first sunny day in days. I was hoping that after Amelia's lack of sleep over lunch, she could be lulled to sleep in the pram. Eventually she did sleep, but not for long.

Barnaby had a wonderful day today. He ate well (a "dinner-winner"), was far-better behaved than he has been and was having a whale of a time when my sister and I went to pick him up. They role-played going-to-the-moon today and Barnaby got to wear his astronaut's costume again. I was glad I had bought him some space-themed stickers today (whilst walking with my sister and Amelia), as I was able to given them to him when he got home as a reward for being such a lovely boy.

Since he's been in the Oaks, and not having his afternoon nap, the evening bed-time routine is getting better. He's had stickers on his bed-time chart for a number (5 or more) of consecutive days. Today both of them were asleep (with Amelia in her cot) by about 7:45!

Finally, I was holding Amelia in front of the mirror (grinning inanely at her in the mirror) and I think that she really understood, for perhaps the first time, that the baby in the mirror was her! I wonder if anyone has documented when this stage occurs developmentally. I just checked, one website suggests that understanding mirror reflections usually occurs at 6 months. Another website suggests the following test: "When does baby really understand that the face in the mirror is her own? Put a crayon mark or a bit of masking tape on the tip of her nose and let her look in the mirror. Where does she reach to remove it: to the mirror or to her own nose?


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