Friday, May 26, 2006

A Restful Day after a Long, Long Night

Last night was so bad, I can scarcely recall it: I've already tried to banish from my mind. All was going well until 2:00, when she needed a feed. Consequently, I fed Amelia at 2:00 but then nothing I could do would get her off to sleep. In the end I stopped trying to get her to sleep in the cot: I was more than prepared to simply accept sleep, wherever, however, and whenever I could. At 5:00 (after 3 hours of trying to get her back to sleep!), Sheep stepped in to help out. He picked her up and cuddled/swayed with her in his arms for a bit. Whatever Sheep did, it worked. He put Amelia into her cot asleep. At least, that is as much as Sheep and I can piece together about last night, having jointly cudgeled our sleep-addled brains. Most of the time I was trying to get her off to sleep, Amelia was making this continuous whingy sound that translates into "I'm seriously disgruntled here, but I'm giving you some advance warning before I let-rip with the full-throttle screams!". When she was making this noise, I remember lying there trying to work out what it was she sounded like and in the end it dawned on me, she sounded just like a diminutive Chewbacca (Star Wars).

Sheep's advice today, was to take things easy (given that we've got a three-day weekend ahead of us). In the end, I decided to follow his advice and really didn't do much today. I was also trying to ensure that Amelia napped better today, given that she hardly napped yesterday (and Ms. Pantley says that good day-time naps lead to good quality night-time sleep patterns). So, the good news is that she did sleep today. So, the only other thing that happened today was that I had a brief visit from Alan at work. He was in Milton Keynes meeting with important people and dropped by for a quick cup of tea. He spent the whole half hour bouncing Amelia on his knee. (And, I must record this for future reference, pinching her cheeks together and calling her fish-face!)

Barnaby's day was good again. He seems to be settling in to the Oaks quite well. And I don't want to jinx things, but the combination of moving up to the Oaks and skipping his afternoon naps, has done wonders for his evening routine. Once again, they were both asleep by about 7:40 (Amelia off at about 7:15). Bliss - I can almost begin to believe that this parenting lark gets easier.

Fingers crossed for tonight.


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