Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Naming Ceremony

Just to keep the blog up to date on the progress of Amelia and Barnaby's naming ceremony, today I received a copy of the minutes of the Milton Keynes Freinds Meeting House (Quakers) Preparative Meeting (Which is a bit like a business meeting) for May, where the naming ceremony was discussed. I also received an email inviting Sheep and I to attend a meeting about it. I have copied both of these below. For the sake of people's privacy, I have altered people's names to their initials, just for confidentiality.

7 May 2006

Present: EB (clerk), DR (assistant clerk), SB, RB, EB, MC, CG, SG, KG, MG, RI, ML-E, RM, DR, IR, PS, RS, MS, LT, AY.

Minute 5: Supporting Friends

Ruth Dalton has told the clerk that she and her husband, Sheep, would very much like a naming ceremony to take place in our Meeting for their 2 children, Barnaby (aged 3 ) and Amelia (born 19 January 2006),possibly along the lines of our Meeting for Worship for Witness for appointing Supporting Friends for RB. We note that the pathway towards this event was quite different as in the first place it was requested by RB and both Supporting Friends are members of the Society of Friends.

Ruth Dalton told me that she and Sheep have selected 6 supporting friends, two of them have been brought up within a Quaker family but are not practising Quakers themselves. Ruth Dalton is a member of the Westminster Meeting and she intends to transfer her membership to our Monthly Meeting.

We agree that in principle we would like a Meeting for Worship for Witness to mark this occasion to take place here.
A group of Friends comprising, AB, MC, AL (subject to consent), DR and DR are willing to meet Ruth and Sheep to talk through:
- the meaning of this Meeting within our tradition,
- what the role of the supporting Friends would be,
- and to consider further the holding of this event.
The group will bring back the results of their discussions to a future PM.

And this was the email I received today:

Subject: Initial discussion re 'naming' Meeting

Dear Ruth & Sheep

I have now heard from all the members of the 'group' and the first Sunday we can all do is 9th July. I do hope that date is OK for you?? Can we get together after Meeting for, say, an hour - just so we can talk through your own thoughts and the kind of things that might be feasible within the context of Quakerism? The group, in case you haven't heard, consists of DR, DR, AL, AB and me. Both you and AB will have childcare issues during our get-together and I am wondering whether anyone from Meeting might be prepared to keep the children occupied so that you have a bit of space yourselves - any ideas?

Looking forward to exploring ideas with you!

In Friendship



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