Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am So Tired!

I didn't sleep when I got to bed: a combination of fretting about her in the cot, being used to her next to me and having a very full breast of milk. I lay in bed, wide awake, wondering if I should wake up Amelia for a feed and gradually realising that my pyjamas were getting soaked in milk. In the end, I got up just before 2:00, changed my pyjamas and put on nighttime nursing bra and some pads to absorb the milk. At 2:00 Amelia woke up and I was finally able to feed her. She finished her feed at 2:05 and I duly put her back into the cot. I then sat with her letting her suck on my finger and withdrawing it until 3:00. At 3:00 I gave up, brought her back into bed, nursed her again on the other breast and this time let her fall completely asleep. At 3:15 I transferred her into her cot asleep. At about 3:30 I finally slept for the first time, to be woken again at 6:30 - 3 hours sleep. This has certainly been the worst night I've had since Amelia was born (bar her first night).

She is currently asleep in her cot. Let's hope that tonight is a little better. It must get better.

Barnaby had a good day in the "Oaks": his behaviour seems to be getting better.

The NCT group came here today. Vanya has done a great job of cleaning the house and the home-baked cookies and flapjacks went down well. It turns out that Vanya is fully qualified medical doctor back in Bulgaria. I have a doctor cleaning my house for me. How humbling. Still, I admit I love the luxery of a cleaner and clean house.

Ooops - Amelia awake. So starts the night.


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