Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Shiny Things

Today has been a day of ablutions. Dental appointment this morning with hygenist; my teeth have never been so clean. Then, today was also the day that Vanya started cleaning! Manna from heaven. I think that she is a obsessive compulsive cleaner (and is there a better type to have?). She cleaned our bathroom today - and I mean cleaned. There wasn't a single item in the bathroom that hadn't been scoured, disinfected or polished to within an inch of its life. Admittedly, she didn't get too far elsewhere - although most of the kitchen was cleaned (including the cooker), but not as she would like it (or so I've been informed). She says that she wants to get it as she would like it to be and then it will all take less time in the future. Who am I to argue? BLISS.

Finally - with an accompanying fanfare of trumpets - I think Amelia sat up today. I was at my NCT coffee group and I had her sitting on the floor between my legs, so that if she fell sideways, she simply fell against one of my legs. I swear she sat upright, unassisted, for a good 1-2 minutes before starting to sway so much she toppled over (well, obviously I caught her). Way to go, Amelia!

On the achievement front - Barnaby was, again, an 'Oak' at nursery today (Oaks are the 'big', pre-school class, up to age 4) and when I picked him up, the manager of the nursery suggested that we consider moving him in to the 'Oaks' permanently from next week, as he is so much more advanced, and that little bit older, than the rest of the 'Squirrels" and so he might be happier with the curriculum and structure of the Oaks. On consideration this evening, Sheep and I are inclined to agree with her.


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