Saturday, May 27, 2006

Frustration: Yet not Such a Bad Day in Retrospect

I am feeling very frazzled tonight! I took Amelia up to bed at 6:30. I felt quite pleased when I had her in her cot and asleep at 6:55. Unfortunately, at 7:25 she woke up again and we were still getting her back to sleep again at 9:00. I was also feeling a bit glum as I woke up this morning to find her lying beside me and I couldn't for the life of me remember how she got there. (Well, obviously I picked her up from her cot to feed her, but for all I could remember, she might as well have levitated there or simply materialised beside me!). Consequently, I was feeling a little ill-tempered. (Although, I must say, my father rang and we had a really long chat and I'm feeling significantly better for it, even if it means this post is shorted as a consequence).

It is strange that I was feeling so grumpy as today wasn't at all bad. Barnaby went to his friend's Luke's party at 'Gambado' in the morning: 20 manic two/three year olds running round. I can now see the advantage of holding a toddler party somewhere like that (but at £180? I don't think I'd even spend that on my own party let alone a party that wont be remembered by the main person). Barnaby really enjoyed himself, once he let himself relax enough to join in. Again, he was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning and it took him about half an hour to get going: once he did, he soon made up for lost time.

In the afternoon, Barnaby and I had a bit of 'mummy-time' together, while Sheep took Amelia upstairs for her nap (and, I must say, sneaked in a little doze himself, I suspect!). Barnaby and I decided to make cakes as 'Auny Claire' and 'Uncle Julian' were coming over for tea. Barnaby was excellent, even sucessfully cracking the eggs himself. We made a lovely mess in the kitchen and he really enjoyed it. I am so proud of him.

Looking back on today, I shouldn't be so frustrated. As my father says, this cot-sleeping business with Amelia will take time and I just need to be patient. We are getting there. And to prove that there is light at the end of the tunnel, Barnaby went to sleep again, wonderfully - a text-book evening for him. Stories and straight off to sleep. We'll have to stop his sticker chart soon, as we'll run out of 'Thomas and Friends' books to buy him - at this rate he'll have the whole series soon!


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