Friday, May 19, 2006

A Flash of Underwear and Bouncing Babies

Breastfeeding clothes follow a variety of designs. Most of mine are based on a double layer of fabric and the baby is fed through an appropriate slit in the front layer and then through a small hole in the second layer. Some of these outer-layer slits are vertical (my slouchy grey "hoodie" top), some horizontal (my posh black velvet top and my "Blooming Marvellous" t-shirt) and some have a partial diagonal slot, namely my "Mother Two Be" which follows a sort of "twin-set" design. Recently I bought two more t-shirts, which have only one layer and have a horizontal slot across the breast-line, fastened with pop-studs. I'm still getting used to these and consequently keep forgetting to re-fasten the poppers! Yesterday, I was walking around Waitrose, when an employee came up to me and pointed out the fact that I was walking around with one breast poking out through the un-popped t-shirt. Luckily all you could see was a flash of white bra (hardly titillating!), but embarassing all the same. Yet another indignity of motherhood.

I was in Waitrose buying Amelia's first foods (in preparation) as they have a very good Organix range. I bought some organic rice powder, which is meant to be made up with the babies normal milk (i.e. breastmilk) and some organic banana porridge which can be made up with boiled water. I also bought some ready mixed apple and banana porridge, all suitable from 4 months. At least I have some in the house now, so the countdown begins.

On my way home from the shopping centre yesterday, Sheep and I were talking and I suddenly remembered the "baby bouncer" we had for Barnaby, which I had completely forgotten about! It hangs from a doorway and the baby is suspended in a harness from an horizontal frame which is attached to a large bungee rope. The baby can bounce up and down to their hearts content. We hardly used it for Barnaby as our doorways were too wide in America (our house being so old) and in London we had no doors downstairs! Anyway, I sorted it out for Amelia today and put her in it this morning. I think she really liked it. It's to be used from 4 months to 25 pounds in weight, so she is only just old enough to use it. She's not really up to bouncing herself, but liked being bounced by me. I sat in front of her, playing some nursery rhymes and helping her bounce. She grinned from ear to ear.


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