Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And so the Day Began... with Earache and Vomit

Barnaby woke up on the hour, throughout the night, until 6:00am at which point he slept until 8:30. Amelia was also sick once or twice. All in all last night definately ranked pretty low on our all-time greatest nights hit-list. I must say though, Sheep had the worst of it, as he tends to be the one who gets up for Barnaby, just as I am the one who looks after Amelia in the middle of the night (for obvious reasons). Consequently, I dragged myself out of bed when Barnaby woke up and undertook to take him to nursery and let Sheep catch up on some well-earned sleep. I must say though, given the night he'd had, Barnaby was an angel when he woke up. Upon waking, he beamed from ear-to-ear and promptly declared he was going to dress himself this morning, which he proceeded to do in about two minutes flat. He then trotted off to clean his teeth, again by himself (however, the quality of that endeavour is open to debate) and then came down to breakfast where he quickly devoured a whole bowl of cereal (eaten out of a grown-up bowl with a grown-up spoon, I might add). Not surprisingly I had no compunction sending him off the nursery after such a remarkable performance!

I spent a fair amount of the morning tidying up, ready for Vanya to come and clean. She arrived shortly after lunch and did a wonderful job. I'm rapidly beginning to think she's the best cleaner I've ever had. Not that my sample size is large, mind you, so I suppose that's not so high an accolade! Yesterday, I chanced upon her up the ladder cleaning the tops of our picture rails and I later noted that she had also dusted all the books on our bookshelves (as well as finding time to clean the kitchen, bathroom, scrub the floor of the utility room, hoover, dust etc. - oh what bliss. I now find myself starting to worry about what I'd ever do if she left...).

Shortly after Vanya arrived I headed off to meet the NCT Coffee Group who were walking around Furzton Lake, instead of the usual tea/coffee and biscuits! I was running a bit late and, since in order to get our large American travel-system into our tiny car I would need to remove all its wheels, on impulse, I threw our lightweight Maclaren pushchair into the car instead. I thought I'd try Amelia in it. I hedged my bets and chucked in her BabyBjorn sling as well, so that if she didn't like the pushchair I had another option. I did some calculations about when we first used the Maclaren Volo with Barnaby: it was on Friday, June 13, 2003 (I remember this because it was when we first flew from Atlanta to London for an academic conference - we had originally bought the Volo because it was the lightest model available at the time). So how old was Barnaby then?

From and including: Saturday, January 11, 2003
To, but not including : Friday, June 13, 2003
is 153 days (or just over 5 months old).

If we were to have placed Amelia in it at exactly the same time:

From date: Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Added 153 days
Resulting date: Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So, by that estimate she was was almost three weeks ahead of the equivalent date when Barnaby first used it! However Amelia's neck muscles are very strong and she is almost sitting up, so I decided to give it a try. The results? I think she was a little unsure at first. I don't think she was entirely comfortable (unlike some of the Maclaren models, the Volo doesn't allow you to recline the seat at all, so she did slump a little), but I do think she was quite interested in her new perspective on the world. I, of course, also found it a little strange. First, I am used to seeing Barnaby in it (he still fits it and has certainly used it in the last month), so she seemed quite the wrong size. Second, I am used to being able to see her face as we walk around together. I kept having to stop and check she was alright. I did manage to get some photos of this landmark event though!

Amelia in the Maclaren Volo pushchair

Some of the Regular Member of the NCT Coffee Group at Furzton Lake

Whilst walking I was reminded that the fathers of the group were attempting another 'Dad's Night Out' in the evening; Sheep had completely forgotten! Consequently, this evening I am in on my own. Barnaby and Amelia went to sleep fairly quickly and uneventfully: by 7:45. Amelia in her cot, Barnaby in his bed on his own - no rocking chair - another sticker for his chart. I thought I'd have a quiet night. Unfortunately, Barnaby's ear (which hadn't caused him any problems at nursery, I should add: he had a good day) flared up a little, so I was up and down stairs three times. At the third time I thought that he was running a slight temperature and foresaw an horrendous evening unfolding ahead of me, at which point I did the unthinkable: I rang Sheep's mobile begging him to come home to help out. Luckily he'd still got it on quiet mode (from Quaker meeting on Sunday) and didn't get the message until the end of the evening. Luckily, as it turned out, it was a tolerable evening (Barnaby didn't reawaken) and so it didn't deteriorate as I had feared. Sheep had his night out without interruption!

I am tired though.


At 10:55 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

Sheep said that the photo of Amelia in the pushchair made her look like she had a Mohican. Certainly, her hair is a lot longer right on top of her head that it is on the sides. I happened to remark to my mother (before Sheep made this comment) that if only I had some hair gel, I could give her a spectacular Mohican hair-style. My mother was outraged and said "but she's only a baby". Laughingly, I said that I wasn't serious. However, now I think about it again...


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