Thursday, February 09, 2006

Valerie's Penultimate Visit

First, we had a better night last night. I suggested to Sheep that he let Barnaby sleep with me and Amelia and that he should go and get a full night's sleep in the spare bed (a.k.a. Amelia's bedroom). So at midnight, as Barnaby awoke for the first time, Sheep brought him in to our bed and then once he was settled and sleeping, Sheep sloped off to get an uninterupted 8 hours of sleep (and consequently, managed to get some PhD work done today).

Incidentally, on this subject, Deborah Jackson, author of "Three in a Bed" says, in response to the question of what happens when a second child comes along, "In some ways, this is often the natural time for the older child to graduate to his own bed. However, it may also be the natural time for an older child to come back into the family bed before moving, finally, out... Older siblings have many ways of seeking out the extra comfort they need when their place is suddenly ursurped by a new CAO (Centre Of Attention)... Apparently weaned [presumably 'weaned' from co-sleeping] three-year-olds start climbing into your bed in the middle of the night. It depends on the size of your bed and the generosity of your heart, of course, but I think the family bed is a fantastic way of healing the potential rift created by a new baby." Page 235.

We have already experienced a lot of this with Barnaby. Since Amelia was born he must have spent about four or five nights with us (in three weeks). But last night was the first night that we experimented with Sheep leaving the three of us to it, to ensure he got a good night's sleep (this is known as 'musical beds' apparently). It certainly worked for Sheep and I think he's been a lot more positive today for having got a full compliment of sleep. We all slept until after 8:00 (well, excluding the times I woke up for feeds and nappy changes and because Barnaby had turned through 180 degrees and was kicking me in the head...). We might well try this again on Friday night, if Barnaby is restless again.

We do intend to make the nights when Barnaby is sleeping with us more and mare spaced out. But, given that he was waking on the hour the night before last and last night he slept through, the path of least resistance is to let him sleep with us, if he needs to, at the moment.

Valerie came at 2:00 today. It turns out that this is her penultimate visit; she will formally discharge me next Thursday. I think that this will make about 10 antenatal visits. Still, I will miss her. I'd like to try and get a photograph of her before she goes, just for Amelia and this blog, but I have a feeling that Valerie doesn't like photos of herself very much (she has none on her website). However, I will ask as diplomatically as I can! The big news of today, is that Valerie weighed Amelia. She now weighs a whopping 9 pounds or 4080 Kg! So, she has put on a whole pound in three weeks. I am seriously impressed. She certainly exhibits a dedication to breastfeeding (matched only by Barnaby at the same age!). Valerie also said that Amelia's spots were looking better (so that's been verified by a third party!).

On the subject of midwifes, on the 6th February I wrote to our MP, Phyllis Starkey (Labour) about home births, continuity of midwifery care and the "One Mother, One Midwife" campaign. This morning, I received an intelligent and supportive reply from her. If anyone is interesting in signing up for the campaign, check out their website on From this website you can sign their online petition.

Oh, one final thought. When Valerie was here, she reminded me that Milton Keynes Council has this scheme whereby they will reimburse you £30 towards the cost of buying cloth nappies. Valerie and I were trying to work out if I could retrospectively claim my £30, given that I am re-using Barnaby's nappies. I had known about this scheme but I had been so sure that I couldn't apply for it, I had simply dismissed it. Looking at it again, with Valerie, we eventually concurred that I couldn't claim for Barnaby's nappies retrospectively (details of the small print!). But, then I remembered that in the late summer when Sheep, Barnaby, Leif and I were visiting Loughton, prior to the move, I had accidentally left Barnaby's nappy bag on the train, losing not only the bag but three nappies as well! The nappies I use are quite expensive and it so happens that three Fuzzi-Bunz nappies come to just over £30, so I ordered three new, large-size ones to replace those I lost. These I *can* reclaim from the council. And, since I bought Barnaby's nappies, they produce even more colours now, so for Amelia I bought some in bright orange and hot pink (funky girl!)


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