Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sheep to UCL

Probably the biggest event of today was that Sheep went into London to go to UCL; I might be imagining it, but he seems a little calmer and happier. I hope I can persuade him to go in on Thursday too. He managed to meet/talk with quite a few people. He also bought me a present; an itunes voucher, in a card saying "For my lovely little lamb (can't spell daughter). Sheep" - patently untrue - the misspelling, that is, since he did spell it correctly!

Amelia has been lovely today. After Sheep took Barnaby to nursery this morning (I can't take him yet, as I would have to take Amelia and I think she's still contagious) and then left to go to UCL, I stayed in bed with Amelia. We had a lovely, relaxed, cuddly time! So nice. Her spots are looking better still.

Barnaby had only one accident today, so whatever has been his problem, it looks like it is resolving itself. We are tending towards thinking that it might have been stress-related and are busy trying to think of Barnaby-centric things that we can do with him, to make him feel special.

On a different note entirely, when Barnaby was a baby we bought him a "towel doll", known as a "Schmusetuch" in German. The idea is that the new mother sleeps with the towel doll (for a couple of nights) which then absorbs her scent. The baby is then comforted by the familiar smell of the doll. We bought one from Germany for Barnaby, by Kathe Kruse, which was a lamb towel doll. We called him "Blam", a concatenation of Blanket Lamb (half lamb, half security blanket). We wanted to buy another one for Amelia and it arrived from Germany yesterday. It is also a Kathe Kruse Schmusetuch and also a lamb, but this time it is subtly different, in pinks/red floral pattern instead of navy blue. We've already started calling it "Girly Blam!" (Or should that be "Glam"?). When Barnaby saw the Girly Blam, he was really excited and had to find his own Blam. This evening, in bed, he got Blam and Girly Blam together and first made them kiss and then hug each other. How very sweet! The actual name of Girly Blam, is "Luckies Lamm" and Blam Original is "Molly Lamm" (So, presumably, also a girl).Visit to chiropractor again and visit from the health visitor tomorrow. Busy day for me! Today I've been making a list of things I might do once Amelia is no longer contagious - local mother and baby groups etc. I think it's important to get into a bit of a routine and meet some people etc. Looks like there is a lot I can do, so perhaps towards the end of next week (should be safe contagion-wise) it should be safe to start trying some things.


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