Friday, February 10, 2006

Quarantine Broken

Well, today was the first day that Amelia and I got out of the house since the pre-pox Sunday that Jenni came to visit. on January 29th (chiropractor-visits excluded!). I am pretty sure that she is not contagious any more and I needed to go to the Halifax Building Society today (we are having a new boiler installed next week and I needed to get a cheque to pay for it) so Sheep, Amelia and I decided to brave the shopping centre. We actually had a good time (it's amazing what two weeks of enforced confinement can do to one's yardstick of what constitutes good entertainment). We took the bus there, with Amelia in her Baby Bjorn sling and initially we went to eat lunch at Wagamama's. This was a wonderful treat. And, I must say, it's so nice being a second-time-around mother. I remember being quite nervous taking Barnaby to a restaurant for the first time. With Amelia, I managed to discreetly breastfeed her whilst wielding chopsticks in my other hand and not a qualm in sight! The long and short of it, is that we had a lovely lunch. Then off to the building society and the bank (admittedly, the bank queue was so long and Amelia a little tired and 'vocal' by this stage, so we never actually made it as far as the teller-counter) and finally a coffee at Starbucks and a quick scoot around Waterstones, the bookshop, before walking home with her. All in all, it was an extremely nice afternoon (and I even succumbed to buying a book in the bookshop). To crown it all, I even managed to walk home, which is a couple of miles, so was able to get some good exercise into the bargain. Great outing with Amelia, hopefully the first of many.


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