Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pancake Day

Another quiet day. Amelia slept well, but Barnaby woke early and wouldn't go back to sleep. After Sheep returned from taking him to nursery he crashed out in bed for another couple of hours to catch up on his sleep. Barnaby did get another sticker last night though. On the topic of sleep, my new Elizabeth Pantley book arrived this morning. It looks very exciting! As a quick sample quote which cheered me up no end:

"I'd like to set the record straight on that television scene we know so well: parent tucks blanket around child, kisses child's forehead and says good night, shuts off the light and leaves the room. Child smiles, closes eyes, and goes to sleep. You know, that scene? Pure fantasy. Unrealistic, inconceivable, la-la land. It just ain't gonna happen in real life." p 123

This was particularly cheering as my mother always insists that this is what she did with us, which, of course, simply serves to make me feel deeply inadequate as a mother myself. Although I have been tempted to flick through "The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers", I am going to finish working through her baby book first. Although, one tip I did notice, while perusing the book, was that with the arrival of a second child, you should try to synchronize their bed-time routines as soon as possible. With that in mind, it makes sense to be tackling both Amelia's and Barnaby's sleep issues at the same time.

This morning I made some phone calls. One of which was to Loughton Manor First School, to discuss getting Barnaby on their waiting list. I spoke to the headmistress who confirmed that there could be a nursery place for Barnaby in September, should we wish it. Her administrator will call me this week to arrange a visit for me.

Amelia has been feeding a lot today. I was a bit puzzled by this, until I realized that she is six weeks old tomorrow and many babies have a growth spurt around now. She has basically been feeding incessantly all day (small feeds, close together). I am glad we are both seeing the doctor on Thursday though (for our six week check-up) as it will be nice to check her weight. My instinct is that everything is alright.

I took her out for a walk in the pram this afternoon; it was a short walk of 1.8 miles. (I now have my sister's pedometer working!) I also weighed myself on Sunday - I am still a whopping 68kg where I should be about 60kg, so that's quite a bit of weight I need to shed. I thought that I should try to remember to weigh myself weekly, to keep any eye on how quickly I am losing it (or not).

We had pancakes for dinner (well, it's only Shrove Tuesday once a year!). Barnaby refused to eat his, although he had eaten them at nursery for lunch. Amelia will had her first pancakes vicariously (or re-processed through me as milk).

Well, as per the rest of today, Amelia is already stirring for a feed and it's only 10:30 (she has been lasting to midnight usually). So, I'd better gulp down my tea and prepare to go and feed her.


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