Thursday, February 16, 2006

Official Person at Last

Well, two momentous events happened today. First, it was Valerie's last visit, which was really sad! Although, given how we've all recovered so well from everything, we really don't *need* her in an official capacity. However, I had rather got used to having her pop around! I did cajole her into letting us take her photograph, which I will upload tomorrow. Valerie left me a copy of my notes, so I have those too. So, it does feel like the end of an era: no more postpartum care, Amelia and I have to just get on with the business of being mother-and-baby together!

Actually, sneakily, I'd promised Valerie that she could inspect my perineum before discharging me. Unfortunately, she had to leave without having a look, because Amelia was breastfeeding. So, she's promised to return and make a 'social' visit, inspecting my perineum at the same time! So, I've managed to wrangle one last visit :)

Then my sister arrived and we took Amelia to the registry office, where we had a midday appointment to register her birth. The registrar was a Ms J. Austin (Jane?) and the whole thing took about twenty minutes. There was some confusion about names as both Sheep and I changed our names on marriage (and she had to check the offical form for that) and Sheep's job title: "Engineer is too broad a term" (he used "Research Engineer" eventually!). So, Amelia is now an official little person. We can register her at the doctors, claim child benefit etc. etc. We got a short (free) birth certificate and a long one too (£3.50). After the registry office, the four of us went out to lunch to celebrate. I even had a glass of wine (which I wouldn't usually drink as I am breastfeeding, but it did feel like a special occasion). Amelia slept through not only the act of registering her birth but also her celebration lunch as well.

Home for the afternoon. I made an order of groceries online, to be delivered tomorrow morning. Amelia got a bit upset towards the end of the afternoon, crying for about an hour for no apparent reason (please don't let this be the start of colic). After dinner and Barnaby's bath (no good-behaviour sticker for him tonight, I'm afraid) I took Amelia to bed with me at 8:00 for a brief lie-down and only woke up at 11:30! Time to write this entry and back to sleep for us (it's midnight and Barnaby's just woken up too).

I did take some pictures today (of Valerie and at the Registry Office) but given my long nap this evening, I'll have to post them tomorrow!


At 2:20 pm, Anonymous Valerie said...

All this has made me smile! You are quite right that I don't like having my photograph taken - that's why I'm looking here to check out what it looks like!

Val x

At 7:38 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

The dastardly deed is now done. I hope you don't mind, or even like the photo!


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