Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meeting, Jenni and Sleep

We went to Quaker meeting again this morning. Our trick to attending meeting is to do so quite unintentionally. If we decide that we are definitely going to attend, something is bound to thwart our plans (the 'something' probably being Barnaby). So, we simply make all the sequential moves towards going, whilst being prepared to abandon our plans at any single moment. That way, if Barnaby is being difficult, we don't feel too frustrated, instead we can simply accept it as part of the course. However, if we do actually manage to make it outside the door, on time, all the better. It is an added bonus, if you like. Well, today we made it, and it was very enjoyable.

There were three babies in meeting today! Quite a troupe of us left after the first fifteen minutes. Once again, I went into the childrens' meeting with Amelia and Barnaby and left Sheep to enjoy some peace and quiet. Everyone has been very kind to us and has said how lovely it is to see Barnaby and Amelia in the meeting (which is reassuring; as parents unused to taking children to meeting it really is rather nerveracking!). One of the parents of one of the babies (Eleanor mother of Pippa - about 9 months I think) lives in Stony Stratford and she suggested that we meet up next Friday. Unfortunately, I can't make it then (I'm hoping to take Amelia into London/UCL) so I suggested a week on Tuesday. So, that will be nice if we can make it happen. I also found out that there is a fortnightly 'craft circle' in the meeting house on a Tuesday afternoon. I thought that this could be something I could take Amelia to (and if she sleeps I can knit and if not I can chat!) which would be a bit different from another mother and toddler group.

Our friend Jenni from Oxford arrived in time for lunch (and is staying until tomorrow). We've had a fairly low-key day. Lots of playing with Barnaby and his new Brio train set! Unfortunately, with all the excitement, Barnaby didn't have his afternoon nap. So, just as Sheep was trying to prepare dinner, Barnaby decides he needs a hug and promptly falls asleep in his arms! He has just woken briefly now (9:05 pm) and we gave him some milk and popped him back into bed again (no rocking!). We are now all sitting downstairs (Sheep, Jenni and I) and I am expecting one or other of them to wake again at any moment. Still, it's been a really nice day: much better than yesterday. I do feel tired though.

Last night we went to bed early and Barnaby had fallen asleep in our bed (I'd been feeding Amelia in our bed so Barnaby had come to join me to have me read his books to him and had fallen asleep mid-read). Since he was fast asleep when Sheep and I were ready to go to bed, we just decided to let Sheep have an uninterrupted night of peace in the spare bed and I slept between Barnaby and Amelia. Not a bad night, really - BUT this morning I woke to find that Barnaby had wet the bed on one side of me, that Amelia was decidedly damp on the other and, not to be outdone, I had leaked milk in the middle of them. So we awoke as one soggy trio. (I'm so glad we still have double mattress protectors on the bed!).


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