Wednesday, February 15, 2006

First Mother and Baby Group

Today has been a busy day, relatively speaking. First I took Amelia to the chiropractor. Well, I was the one getting adjusted, she was simply an onlooker. The good news is that I've been given a clean bill of health as far as my back is concered, in that my chiropractor doesn't want to see me for a whole month!

Before I left, the installers from British Gas had already started fitting our new boiler. We have more hot water than you can shake a stick at (a phrase I don't use in jest, as Barnaby was indeed waving a stick around the kitchen during dinner!). This turn of events was much to Barnaby's chagrain, as he much prefers luke-warm baths. However, we are delighted!

Then, I made it to my first mother and baby social get-together: an NCT Coffee Group. This is a group that meets in people's houses around this area. I had to drive, which was OK, although I had hoped that I'd be able to walk. What to say? On the whole it was good. There were 5 of us, if I had to describe them (being utterly judgemental and over-generalizing here) I would say that they were all university-educated, middle-class professionals. In other words, I should fit in quite well! One other baby girl and three toddler boys. It turns out that two of the boys are at Barnaby's nursery (part-time) in the group below his. One was recovering from chicken pox and one waiting to see if he developed it! They were very friendly and welcoming and will hopefully email me to let me know where next week's venue is (if I don't get an email, I clearly made a bad impression!). Conversation was not-surprisingly baby-centric but not totally confined to baby topics (banking issues prompted a lively discussion) and, on the whole, intelligent. I think I would like to go back next week. However, my one mortifying thought concerned the venue. The house we were in felt like a show-home; I do so hope she has a cleaner. I would be faintly embarassed for any of them to see my house - I hope the hosting doesn't rotate in strict order! (Perhaps I can withdraw before having to host one here - or get a cleaner myself!). Wall-to-wall cream carpets throughout and not a mark/stain/speck of dirt anywhere and this is in a house with a resident toddler (and cat and dog). I certainly came home feeling inadequate on the housework front. Posh biscuits too...


At 8:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you have started getting about, tho' for a 4 week old Amelia is getting around and about. Good.

Perhaps if you had to host the Group you could invite them out to a coffee morning, or Tea and Cucumber Sandwhiches at a posh hotel, set you back a few quid, but really worth it!

Love Dad


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