Monday, February 06, 2006

Chiropractor & Test Results

Sheep took Barnaby back to nursery today, after his weekend with Leif. I went to the chiropractors at 11:00; she adjusted me and used ultrasound on my back. I'm to return on Wednesday. Leif left us after lunch, heading for London. At 5:00 we got the results of Barnaby's urine analysis and it was negative: no sign of any infection. We're a bit stumped now and unsure of what to do. On the one hand, he only had two 'accidents' at nursery today, so if it was an infection, it seems to beworking its way through his system anyway, Could it have been stress though? Barnaby has had a rough time recently and this would be one reaction to it. Honestly, I don't know.

Amelia's spots are much better. We gave her a bath this afternoon and Sheep and I had a really good look at them all. apart from one or two spots around her nappy region (where the worst spots were due, I think, to the chafing of the nappy round her waist and legs) most of them seems to have gone crusty. I couldn't, in all honesty, say that she's no longer infectious, but I imagine that by the end of the week, she will cease to be so. On the other news front, her stools have returned to being a nice mustard yellow colour, so I seem to have cracked the oversupply problem for now.

My hope is that we can all begin to get into a bit more of a routine now; I am hoping (although I don't wish to tempt fate) that we are over the worst of our family ailments now. Although, Sheep did remind me today, that he's yet to contract anything. I've just remembered, he did have flu though, so perhaps we can look forward to a calmer time ahead.


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