Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chiropractor & Health Visitor

Today was the first day that all four of us (Me, Sheep, Barnaby and Amelia) rode in our car together. Really, it's quite a ludicrous car, in many respects, for a family of four! For those who don't know, it is an electric car, the size of a Smart car, called a Reva. Well, the back seat is small, to say the least. Now, with two child seats in the back, we need to have both front seats pulled almost as far forward as they will go. Amelia's car seat takes up even more room than Barnaby's (even though his looks bigger) so whichever seat had Amelia's car seat behind it, will be pulled so far forward that it will only be useable by a very small person (namely me and I am 5'2"). I can't imagine how any normal person would fit into the car! Because my chiropractor's appointment was at 9:30 this morning, Sheep drove Barnaby to nursery with Amelia in the back and I squeezed into the passenger seat. We dropped off Barnaby (with Amelia and I staying in the car; I am still worried she's a bit contagious) and then drove straight to the chiropractor. Similar treatment to Monday; I have to return next week.

Then we rushed home, as the Health Visitor was due for another visit. Once we got in, Amelia was asleep (the magical sleep-inducing-power of cars!) and I took her, still in her car-seat, to wait for the H.V. in the living room, while Sheep went upstairs to catch up on more sleep (I must say, Sheep had a horrendous night last night with Barnaby, who just couldn't sleep/settle). This was about 10:00. The H.V. arrived just before 11:00. She was hoping to weigh Amelia, but still she slept soundly! We filled in more paperwork and Amelia's new Red Book (courtesy of Valerie) and still she slept. The H.V. came and went and still she slept. She (and indeed Sheep) did not wake until 1:00!!! Huge sleep was had by all (except me). Note about the H.V., I've still not really impressed by her help (but perhaps I would if I were a nervous new mother). I signed up for a baby massage course and we discussed mother and toddler groups (she's couldn't tell me anything at all about local groups). Hopefully, Valerie will be able to weigh Amelia tomorrow, when she is next here.

Sheep seemed a bit more cheerful after his "catch-up-kip" and his trip to UCL yesterday. Amelia has had lots of sleep followed by epic, desperate feeds today. Final note on her spots, I think her spots are clearing up more quickly than Barnaby's are. Sheep says it's because her cell-division is still more rapid - is this true or nonsense? I've no idea. Barnaby was good at nursery today, he had no accidents at all. Perhaps the big-wees are now behind him.


At 10:49 am, Anonymous Jenni said...

It is great to see this updated regularly and to know that you guys are getting on ok, even though with ups and downs. Fingers crossed for everything going better & better...

At 4:20 pm, Anonymous Dad said...

Agree 100% with Jenni. Also it saves you time from having to answer phone queries as to what is happening!

Quote'' the magical sleep inducing quality of cars'' Maybe this was because for most of human existance we were nomads and mothers must have spent a large amount of time sitting with their babies on donkeys or camels! (or just walking with them in a sling over their shoulder?)

At 11:34 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

About babies being soothed in motion, that why all of the "Attachment Parenting" literature recommends wearing your baby in a sling. I have a sling (called a "New Native" sling) that I bought for Barnaby. He never really got on too well with it, but I am trying it again with Amelia. So far, I think she's happier with it. It's also a way of keeping her close and having your hands free!


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