Friday, February 17, 2006

Another NCT Group & Travelling with 2

Well, I tried out another NCT group, this time in Central Milton Keynes (in somewhere called 'Centrecom' - Central Community Centre). Again, attendance was low, five people again, I think, and a predominance of toddler-boys, mostly between two and two-and-a-half years old. Everyone was quite friendly and welcoming. But, it was a case of sitting around in a big hall saying "Um... so how old is your little one, then?". Since everyone else seemed to know each other quite well, there was also a bit of a feeling of gatecrashing someone else's party! However, I'll certainly give it another go, probably next week. Today's session was free; from next week it will be £1 per meeting (covers tea and biscuits!). What is nice about this one, is that it is an excuse to walk up to the shopping centre as it is almost next door to Centrecom. So after the meeting (1:30-3:30) I walked back to the Centre and bought Barnaby some Thomas the Tank Engine stickers to pep up his bedtime sticker chart a little (no effect tonight; Sheep still rocked him off to sleep) and then went to John Lewis.

I had to go to J.L. to see if their 'Buggy boards' fitted onto our Graco pram. To my disappointment it looks like they don't. I want to be able to take Barnaby to nursery (or collect him) with Amelia in the pram. The only flaw in this plan is if Barnaby gets tired walking (and it is about a mile) then I can't carry him (as Sheep does) and push Amelia at the same time. I was hoping that the Buggy Board would do the trick as it attaches to the pram and if Barnaby gets tired he can simply stand on it while I push them both. Since being at home, I've found this other product on the Internet called a 'Swiss Strolli' by 'Bibi' which is more akin to attaching a tricycle to the back of your pram (as opposed to attaching a skateboard, which is essentially what the Buggy Board is). I think this will work with our Graco pram/stroller, BUT do we want to pay £60 for one? I'm not sure, but it does seem as if we have an awfully large number of travel items - carseats x 2, bikeseats (both front and back), a bicycle trailer, two prams, and numerous baby carriers (front carrier, back carrier, hip carrier, soft sling carrier, and hip seat) not to mention Barnaby's own tricycle and his "Little Red Wagon". I would like to be able to walk to Barnaby's nursery though; at the moment Sheep takes him or I go in the car, which doesn't help me get fit post-birth! The only other option is to put Amelia in her Baby Bjorn carrier and take Barnaby's pram for him to sit in when his legs get tired. However, I am not sure that my back will appreciate a two mile walk with a 9 lbs baby in a sling. (Having just talked it over with Sheep, he thinks I should try the walk with Amelia in the carrier a few times first.)

Well, we will mull this over. However, on the getting fit front, I reckon I must have walked 5 miles today what with walking to the Centre and back again as well as walking round the shopping centre itself.

Amelia has been great today. We had a good night last night. Sheep brought Barnaby into bed with Amelia and I at 1:00 am and he disappeared into the spare bed to get a good night's sleep. Given that it is midnight and Barnaby has already had a very unsettled evening I anticipate more of the same tonight.


At 11:54 am, Anonymous Jenni said...

Which? do not recommend the Swiss Strolli -- they reckon it is unstable if pushing it on a slope (eg if the left-hand wheels are higher than the right).

At 6:17 pm, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

Thank you! I didn't realize that you subscribe to Which?. Do they actually recommend anything?

At 7:00 pm, Anonymous Jenni said...

Nothing that addresses your requirement to be able to handle both children at once, I'm afraid... They have a section on pushchairs in the Feb issue, but only ones that will handle one child...

At 10:40 am, Blogger Arcy_Dee said...

Thanks. Very useful. Actually, I had another back 'twinge' again last night (Sunday night), so I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of attempting a two-mile walk with 9 lb baby in a sling (and she'll just keep growing!). Will think about this some more


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