Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All Hail

Pretty non-eventful sort of day today. I had intended to try out the mother and baby group at the central YMCA today, but it was from 10:00 - 12:00. We had a slightly disturbed night last night (although Barnaby got his sticker!) and after Sheep had returned from taking Barnaby to nursery, he came back to bed. I'd just fed Amelia so she was sleepy too and we all just slept until 11:30! Marvellous! So, any thoughts of going to the YMCA flew out of the window. (Still, there will be plenty more opportunities!). In the afternoon, there not being anything to go to, I'd intended to have a bit of a walk and to also go to the post office to post off my mother's birthday present (Thursday) and, just as importantly, to hand in Amelia's form FP58 allowing her to register with our doctor. Just as we were about to leave the house, it started hailing and continued hailing intermittently all afternoon. So, we just battened down the hatches and stayed indoors!

Tomorrow I will try and go to the Loughton Mother and Toddler group, which is about 200 paces down the road, so even if I sleep in, I should still be able to attend some part of! In the afternoon is the NCT coffee group that I first went to last week. Actually, the woman who is hosting it tomorrow promised to email me her address and I've received nothing from her! Did I really make such a bad impression? (My sister suggests that it is not me at fault but Amelia's loud bowel movements...). If I've received nothing by lunch time, I shall bite the bullet and call her. Alternatively, there is also the "Movie Mum's" showing at the cinema - but the film tomorrow is Casanova (2005), which I don't really fancy; I think I might wait to see what's on next week.

Tonight, as well as last night, Barnaby got a sticker for not being "rocked off" to sleep. So, now he had reached his grand total of five stickers (albeit not in the space of a week, as per our original stipulation). However, I think we will reward him with a book anyway and put up a new chart. Perhaps we will take him to buy it on Saturday (although our friend Jenni is due to visit sometime over the weekend, so I must check with her first).

What else? Last night I gave Amelia her first bath on my own last night! Up until now, Sheep and I have been bathing her together, with her bath being placed on the kitchen table. I wasn't too sure if I could do it on my own, particularly the filling and emptying of her bath (I've been having a few more back twinges over the last couple of days). However, it was all fine. Afterwards, I spent some time rubbing baby lotion on to her and she seemed to really enjoy it. She is working so hard at smiling now! My aim now is to bathe her myself during the day until she is old enough to have her nightly baths with Barnaby. I actually found the ideal placement of her bath - on top of her cot! It wedges onto/into it perfectly. It is a good height for me, kneeling next to the cot (as opposed to the bath, where I am leaning over too much) and for the ultimate luxury, I can remove the 'brake' and the rocking of the cot could create her very own 'wave machine' (JOKE!).


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