Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Waiting again

It's coming up to four hours since my waters broke and nothing. Well, we're not too surprized, all of this week I've been having strong and regular contractions between midnight and about 3:00am only to have it all stop again. So, we think that if anything is to happen tonight it will start around then.

Of course, my fear now, is that this labour will be a case of history repeating itself; that nothing will happen and then I will be under even more pressure to be induced because of the risk of infection. However, in the USA I was induced after only 18 hours after my waters breaking; I believe that most UK hospitals/doctors will be willing to wait up to 48 hours (by which time more than 90% of women will have gone into labour naturally anyway). We did discuss this scenario extensively with our midwife, given the tendency for subsequent pregnancies to follow the pattern of previous ones. Luckily, Valerie is fairly replaxed about waiting. I am meant to be monitoring my temperature every 4 hours, to be alert for signs of infection though.

I just spoke to our midwife, Valerie, on the phone and persuaded her she didn't need to come out yet. I think that the best plan for this evening is for us all to get some rest (her too!). To be honest, everything is fine. I am filling a sanitary towel every half hour or so with fluid, but it all looks fine (no signs of blood or meconium). And apart from the inconvenience/indignity of it (and what in labour is not undignified?) I feel pretty good and well-rested.

It's interesting - initially, I smelt it, to check it didn't smell 'foul' (this is advised in some books/guides), as disgusting as this sounds. And it's funny, although I've only smelt the smell of amniotic fluid once before, I immediately recognised it as being the same smell! What a strange memory-aide smell is.

So what are our plans for this evening? Barnaby has just fallen asleep (8:55), the house is clean, the washing up is done. There's nothing on TV, so we'll probably watch a DVD. Probably "Blackpool".

Sheep's just come downstairs and I've asked him what his mood is. He says, "excited". One way or another, this baby's coming out in the next 48 hours (or so)!


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