Monday, January 16, 2006


Sitting drinking raspberry tea again. Today lamb2 (or Micro-lamb), since Barnaby was our first 'lamb', will be 274 days old (since her conception on April 17th). This is also, 8 months, 30 days excluding the end date and, according to (I love this website!).

274 days can be converted to one of these units:
23,673,600 seconds
394,560 minutes
6,576 hours
39 weeks (rounded down)

We're off to see a reflexologist at 3:30 this afternoon, which I am deeply sceptical about (on the other hand, I am also horrified at the prospect of induction). Apparently you have a pressure point somewhere near your ankle which can 'get things going'. The appointment is for a whole hour! Can someone really press your ankle for a full hour? I hope I don't get the giggles. I am hoping that it might at least be relaxing and, frankly, it's something to do - we're sitting twiddling our thumbs. We now tried the raspberry leaf tea, fresh pineapple, curries and sex (not necessarily all at the same time), so might as well give this a go.


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