Monday, January 16, 2006

Reflexology 2

Well, the deed is done; I've had my first reflexology session! To my amazement, it did last a whole hour! The reflexologist meticulously went over all different parts of the foot - apparently focussing on my 'reproductive areas'! (I did manage not to giggle). The only time I went 'ow' was when she was apparently applying pressure to the part of the foot that corresponds to my lower back (and I do have lower back problems, although, to be fair, I did *also* mention that to her at the beginning of the session). I now, more or less, know when the 'uterus' point is. (In fact, for the curious, here is an illustration I found online - it's the green area). However, am I any less sceptical now? I don't think so. I will admit that it was relaxing enough (and perhaps that, in itself, is important if you are beyond your due date - relax, chill out, don't get stressed!).

Bizarrely and perversely, Sheep and I almost hope that nothing happens tonight, just so that we can be proved right that reflexology is a load of bunk.

Given that last statement, I *did* promise to return for a session of acupuncture towards the end of the week (Thursday or Friday probably), should nothing have happened by then! (Given, that I am also a fervent needle-phobe, this is no mean commitment!).

While I was being 'reflexed' - Sheep bought yet another fresh pineapple! We're also down to my last raspberry leaf tea bag. On the list of ten things our midwife said we could try, we've only two thing left - 'stretching and sweeping', which our midwife wants to try on Wednesday (40 weeks + 10 days) 18th January and 'nipple stimulation'. Not keen on the 'stretch and sweep' concept, but given that I DO know what oxytocin & pitocin-induced labour is like (Barnaby) this is, at least, marginally preferable!


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